Your Not So Typical Love Story

“I love you.” he whispered to me.

“Wait that’s it? Where’s the story?” Casey asked, completely confused.

The 14 year old had finally gotten her mom to tell her the story of how her, and her dad fell in love. But can you just start with “I love you.”? But then again, this isn’t your typical love story.


“Casey hold on goodness! I’m getting to the story, I’m just telling it how I would like to tell it…so shh!”

“Ugh fine!” Casey falls back on her mom’s bed, with an even shorter attention span.

“When I heard him say I love you,it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard him say…and he said some pretty beautiful things. But anyway just two years before he said it was the day we met for the first time, even though I didn’t even know who he was I knew he would be important to me.

“Awww!!!” Casey exclaimed. Macey smiled at her daughter, and thought back to the time she met her father, Sam for the first time.
“So I was listening to music walking to my next class, I was walking as fast as I could when I ran into my friend Sally. I stopped to say hi, but then told her I had to go to class. I realized I only had 5 minutes to class so I turned around quickly and ran into this guy who just happened to be walking past, and I dropped my phone. I picked up my phone frustratingly, ‘please! Watch where…oh.’Stopping in mid-sentence I looked into his eyes and gasped. ‘Just um…sorry that was extremely rude I’m Macey.” He looked at me with complete confusion. I’m Sam…sorry?” He rolled his eyes then walked away. I was still in a daze and then turned to Sally, “Did you see that?”

“See it? I recorded the whole thing! Just kidding, but that was pretty epic!”

I was still a little out of it“Did you see his eyes? They were gorgeous.”

“Uhh they were brown…only blue eyes are gorgeousssss.” Sally said looking at a picture of her boyfriend.

“Sam’s are gorgeous….ugh I’m late for class, I’ll catch you later.” 1 month, 3 weeks, and 4 days went by and I was eating in the dining hall. I was reading my favorite book, I had just gotten to my favorite part when I heard someone calling my name.

“Macey right?”

Annoyed and rolling my eyes I looked up to see who was talking to me, and there Sam was looking down at me.



“You dropped your school I.D.”


“So I’m leaving it here.”


“Oooook…” Sam walked away again,thinking something was definitely wrong with me. After snapping out of my trance for the second time, I realized he was getting away, so I yelled out to him.

“Sam!” Sam (even though I couldn’t see it, was getting really annoyed).


“I’m sorry I just…you um…you have such a beautiful eyes. Wooow did I just say that?” (My eyes got so wide, I can’t believe what I just said.) Sam smiled…aaand I gasped again.

“Wooow mom, you might as well go ahead and tell him you’re in love with him!” Casey laughed. Macey, turning red, continued the story.

Sam started laughing, “You’re funny…I’ll catch you later.” And then he walked away. My thoughts were rolling so fast. “He has such beautiful eyes, and a beautiful smile! Gosh I need to get a hold of myself, what is happening!

“You were falling in looooove!!”Casey yelled jumping on the bed.

“What’s going on?” A much older Sam walked into the room.

“I’m telling Casey the story of…”

“Dad get out! Mom’s telling a story!” Casey yelled at her dad. Sam smiling at Casey, “ooooh I know what this is about, just to let you know, your mom was extreeemely weird!”

“Ooookay thank you sir, you can leave now!”…after Sam left.  “Don’t listen to him…anyways back to our story…I really didn’t know how to act around your father, I just got so lost in his eyes.”


“So anyway one year went by, and I had finally gotten over it, I hadn’t seen him in a really long time, so I had finally stopped thinking about him. It was the beginning of the fall semester,and my first class was a geography class. It was so so boring! The geography lab was on Tuesday’s, and the first one was coming up. I had started a new book,and it was really interesting. I sat outside the class and read. When the doors finally opened I rushed in and found a seat, so I could finish this last chapter. “Hi Macey.”  Looking up from my book I saw Sam standing at the seat in front of me. But I had gotten over it,so I was actually super calm.

“Hey, what’s up?” Sam looked a little taken back by my response.

“I’m fine, what’s up with you?”

“Oh nothin’ just finishing my book.”

“That’s nice.”


There was probably 10 seconds of awkward silence, but in my mind I was beginning to lose it. I had stared into his eyes a little too long. By the end of class I had already fallen in love with his eyes. We actually got along very well, and we talked all the time throughout the semester, then it happened.

“Hey Macey I’m going to one of the soccer games to support my roommate, I can’t really find anyone else to come with me…not meaning you’re my last choice or anything, but…”

I laughed, “It’s fine, sure I’d like to come. When is it?”

“On Friday at 6.”

“Ooo I can’t, I’ve got something to do, can we reschedule?”

Sam blinked several times. “Um…ya sure?”

“How about next week? I won’t be doing anything.”

“Okay that’s fine.”

It was a little awkward.“Well…tell me how the game goes!”

“Yeah sure!” Sam walked off very disappointed, I could see it in the way he looked at me, when I said that. I was afraid he’d never ask again, but he did.

“So we’re still gonna hang out this week?”

“Oh yeah totally! How was the game Friday?”

“What game?”

“Uhh the soccer game…?”

“Oh right, um I actually didn’t go.”

“Oh you didn’t go?” I was a little shocked.

“Well stuff came up, and I wasn’t able to go…so I told my roommate I would come to his…other Friday game…yeah.”

“Oooh okay well I can make it this Friday…”

“Okay cool well I guess I’ll see you there?”

“Yeah that’ll be great!” I had never been so excited. I really was starting to develop a strong crush on him,and I was thinking he might have started liking me too. But I wasn’t sure, so I thought I’d take it really slow, because as all girls know, guys are extremely confusing to understand. So we ended up going to the game, and it was actually really fun. We continued talking and I found out a lot about him. We had a lot in common and I really enjoyed talking with him. We hung out more and more, and I was really hoping he had feelings for me too…

“Waait, wait. What exactly did you fall in love with?” Casey asked with excitement (even though she kind of already knew).

Macey smiled, “his eyes, the way he talked,the way he looked at me when I talked to him, and his smile is so beautiful just everything about him. But what really stood out to me was his beautiful heart, he just had a kindness and sweetness about him that stood out more than anyone else.”

“That’s so sweet! Okay keep going!”

“So another year went by, and we started eating lunch together every Wednesday. So one day we were eating, and he said something that made my heart stop.



“Remember the soccer game I invited you to?”

“Like a year ago?” I said, with my mouth full.

“Yeah I didn’t go because…because I really wanted you to come with me?”

“Uhh…” food was almost dropping out of my mouth.  “Really?”

Looking straight into my eyes,“yes.”


“Isn’t it obvious (I was looking at his hands, and he was shaking) I…I’ve had a crush on you… for a long time.”

“You do?”

He smiled at me, “I do.”

I smiled back at him, and that’s when I fell. But I’ve always wanted to hear the guy say ‘you know what’ first.We dated for 2 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days, and finally he said,

“I love you.” It wasn’t Macey’s voice, but Sam’s who had been sitting behind the door waiting for his wife to almost say the words. Sam walked in and looked into the eyes of his wife (who was smiling with tears in her eyes).

“Remember…” taking her hands in his. “I’m supposed to say it first. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

“Ooookay well  then you guys lived happily ever after, aaaand something even more magical happened…which was me!” Macey, laughing at her daughter’s silliness, “Yes of course, the love that brought your dad and I together, made you.”

Holding the hand of her husband and her daughter.  “And I couldn’t be happier.”

Sarah Skepple


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