There was a moment I felt myself looking into a mirror, watching as the love of my life walked away because of my Pride.

I was being taken captive by a band of pirates to a faraway place that I had not known, although I was already in a place called Narnia…how more faraway can I get?

I found myself on a ship, a mighty ship, where I could feel the sea breeze blowing through my hair. I could taste the salty sea as we sailed on our Voyage.

I heard the Heart of a man beating, as I watched his killer pace the room in fear.

I felt the cold chill of a ghost as she walked in the room, to find her poor, mistaken brother Usher waiting for her in his father’s chair.

I watched as men and monsters fought for the chance of freedom, in a world of bondage. Led by a boy named Percy.

I climbed and clawed the earth as it fell on my face, all in the pursuit of finding the Center.

Leagues and leagues we fell, all in hopes to explore the sea.

Letters upon letters filled my Uncle and Aunt’s house all addressed to a Harry Potter.

I was in a dark hole…hearing the sounds of two creatures running towards me. One very small, as a child may look, but called a Hobbit and the other a creature, so awfully disgusting, and filled with such rage that I could not think of a name so horrible that fit it besides Gollum.

I put on my coat and hat to follow Mr. Holmes on one of his mysteries, hoping that one day I could be as great a detective as he.

These are only a few of the adventures I have had, and I had them without leaving my room. How you might ask? Hmm, I’ll get back to you when I’m done with this book.

Sarah Skepple


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