Your life is a fish bowl

Daddy’s overprotective.

Mommy’s concerned about where you are at 8:30 P.M…..and even more overprotective than Daddy.

You have to make your rounds to every single elder, elder’s family, deacon, deacon’s family, usher, and family in the church before you sit down at your seat….oh and you BETTER be seated before the music starts because then Daddy’s gonna come to find you.

You have no friends except that one family that’s also like you…you tried to make friends once but then you accidentally told Mommy and Daddy to *whispers* “shut up”, and they asked you where you heard it from, and you said “from so and so at church” and then Mommy and Daddy told their parents and then so and so told everyone at church that you’re a tattle tale, so now NO ONE will be you friend.

You’re overly sheltered (I mean you thought shut up was a curse word), and sex? NEVER SPEAK OF IT, IT IS EVIL!…outside of marriage that is, but when you get married it’s okay (?…because that made since as a 13 year old during “the talk”).

When you went to high school you were exposed, and I mean EXPOSED, to everything…sheltered isn’t even in your vocabulary and around the age of 14-15 is when it happens…you’re either the perfect one or the rebellious one….know what I’m talking about?


THE LIFE OF A PK….and all the lies that come with it.

(to be continued)…



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