Re-post: Safe from the Storm

Hi guys! I posted this poem I wrote a while back, but I’m reposting it again because again I find myself basking in God’s grace and mercy! May it be an encouragement to you. I will put its explanation up soon 🙂


Did you see the sky today?

I walked out and saw the clouds. They were in a strange shape…they looked like the feathers of a bird, and just like that I felt my stomach drop, and watched the ground fall beneath my feet.

I was a bird flying through the air. I felt the air on my face, and I flew to the sea. I watched the fish swimming, the boats powering by, and the families laughing with each other.

As I flew past the sea I saw the sky change from blue to orange.

Then I saw it. The Sun.

I’ve seen the Sun several times, but this time it looked almost indescribably different, and for the first time I felt the Wind push me towards it.

The clouds had almost covered it, but left enough space for the Sun to peak out. Can you imagine it? It was like an eye was watching me. I blinked in its gaze and flew away in fear. I thought It to be a danger, and it seemed like the Wind was pushing against me as I flew away.

As I flew from the Sun I saw the sky turn a light green, the winds grew stronger and it started to rain. It was beautiful at first, but as it grew stronger it’s painful bite began to rip at my wings and I fell.

I couldn’t see. Fear set in, and I tried to fly back to the Sun, but I could no longer see it. It was there you must understand, but I was so blinded by my fear and my circumstance that I could not see it. The Wind seemed to be pushing me in several directions. I gave up trying fly on my own and let the Wind carry me. It carried me to the only Refuge I knew. The Mountain. The only strong Mountain. The Mountain that could be seen throughout the whole world.

I hid from the storm in the crevices of the Mountain.

Then I saw It. The Sun…the bright Sun shining and breaking through the dark clouds.

A joy came over me that I could not understand. I was safe. Safe from the storm with the Mountain, the Sun, and the Wind by my side.

Sarah Skepple



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