I would wait for you, if you asked me to

They were friends, just friends, simply just friends. But much more was coming, more than both could comprehend.

For that one day when she looked in his eyes, she wanted to be his for the rest of their lives.

For on that day she wept and she wept, because of her heart, on that day, he had kept.

“How can’t he know? He must know how I feel.” She knew in her heart that her feelings were real.

“I’ll love him forever and ever.” She said. But the thoughts of refusal stayed stuck in her head.

She had not the hope that he thought of her too I mean…was he actually thinking of her so much too?

Then one beautiful evening, when the stars were out twinkling, they met under the sky into each other’s eyes, gazing.

“My friend, my dear friend I think of you often, but my heart isn’t ready to feel your hand knocking.”

“I cannot give you what you desire most, until my heart’s ready to love you foremost.”

She closed her eyes and took his hand in her own, to tell him she loved him more than anyone can know.

She said something simple, something beautifully new. “I would wait for you.” She said. “If you asked me to.”

Sarah Skepple 


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