V-VERY exciting






Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. Probably the coolest thing that has ever come to the internet…like hands down…right? You can search for anything, and find anything about anything on there…that’s why I love it. Last Christmas I was on Pinterest and found these really cool Christmas decorations, as I began pinning different Christmas decorations more suggestions would come up until I was pinning 10 or more pins a day to my Christmas ideas board. One day I came across a beautiful canvas…I don’t remember if it had words on it or if it was just painted but all I know is it was beautiful and I wanted to try it. I thought it was very creative. 

I saw an incredible movie this year called Interstellar (have YOU seen it?! If you haven’t stop reading and watch it…well finish reading and then watch it 🙂 ) and was incredibly moved by the quote “We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt (I literally just got chills).” I told myself (that belongs on a canvas). Finally the time came for me to make my canvas, I went to Walmart and bought two canvases, some paint, paint brushes, pens, and any other items I would need to make this canvas. As soon as I got home I felt much anxiety because I had never tried this before…what if I messed up? What would people think? But putting all that aside I laid out the newspaper on the dining room table, turned on Netflix to watch Tarzan, and began to paint.

How new this was! As soon as I started to paint everything around me began to drown out and my eyes and mind were focused only on this beautiful piece of art. Even Tarzan in the background began to disappear, “I wanna know ca…you..sho……….” No mistakes had been made…yet. Everything was coming together, and I remember thinking “I can do this.”

As my family walked in and out of the dining room, my concentration was slowly opening its door to everything going on around me. “What are you doing?” “Why are you using those colors?” “Why are you smiling like that?” “BECAUSE I’M EXCITED!!!” I had never done anything like this before! It was VERY exciting! I’m not a painter, and I’m definitely not artistic in any way, but it was turning out so well. I remember thinking “wow…if I can do this maybe I can learn to draw.” Some things are just dreams.

I was feeling so accomplished by the end of the night. My phone said 10:34. I felt like going to bed, but I couldn’t. I had to finish! I just had to finish. The black and brown colors of my canvas were perfect, but what would I do next? I know I wanted words, but should I add any other decorations? I was getting sleepier and sleepier as the credits of Tarzan rolled on and on and my paint brush rested on the paper plate. I’ll sleep on it.

I woke up the next morning ready and prepared to finish my canvas. The house was empty when I started to canvas, I felt secluded. It was perfect. I work better this way. I started pulling out my paint pens….hmm gray? Silver? I think silver. Excited was an understatement of what I was feeling. My stars and planets were coming out very well.

I never imagined I would make a mistake. I was basically done, so proud, and accomplished in my work I told myself “there can be no mistakes now.” Then it happened…almost immediately. My first mistake. Ugh I was so frustrated! They’ll notice! They’ll think it’s stupid! It’s over…what could I do?

When I finally finished my canvas I was in awe of it’s beauty. Yeah there were mistakes, but who cares! I had finished a canvas. My first canvas. At night I held up the finished product for Instagram…”they’re toootally gonna want to see this!” I thought to myself. Loving the 30 little approval points from my followers, I thought maybe I could do more. Ideas began rushing in, “that quote was always cool!” “Ooo but I really liked the quote from that movie…” “hmm”

The most important thing was how genuine these ideas were. They kept popping up…quotes, drawings, maps, all these ideas! I couldn’t wait to try them all. But a horrible beast under the name of School stood in the way, and here I sit…writing about my love for canvasing instead of canvasing. Once School has walked away, maybe I can finish this canvas.


Sarah Skepple